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Structure of a stream record in sourcetable.

Data Field #ElementDescriptionContent
1 type Indicator of a stream description Content: STR
2 mountpoint Datastream mountpoint Characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, -, _, .
3 identifier Source identifier (most time nearest city) Text
4 format Data format (see data formats table below) Text
5 format-details Specifics of data format (see data formats table below) Text
6 carrier Phase information (see carrier table below) Number
7 nav-system Navigation System (see navigation systems table below) Text
8 network network name (see NET description) Text
9 country ISO 3166 country code 3 characters
10 latitude Position, Latitude in degree decimal number, two digits after dot
11 longitude Position, Longitude in degree decimal number, two digits after dot
12 nmea Caster accepts NMEA input (1) or not (0) Content: 1 or 0
13 solution Generated by single base (0) or network (1) Content: 1 or 0
14 generator Generating soft- or hardware Text
15 compression Compression algorithm Text
16 authentication access protection for data strames
None (N),
Basic (B) or
Digest (D)
Content: B, D, N or a comma seperated list of these
17 fee User fee for data access: yes (Y) or no (N) Content: Y or N
18 bitrate Datarate in bits per second Number
19 misc Miscellaneous information Text

Data Formats

The Format field describes the generic type, the Format Details field specifies individual data sets (separated by comma) and also data rate (in round brackets).

FormatFormat DetailsComment
RAW RT17 Trimble realtime streaming format
RTCM 3.0 1004(1),1008(10),... RTCM3 data streaming with data specification

NOTE: Incomplete, needs to be extended!


This data field is only useful for data streams containing GNSS measurements or corrections.

Values need update for newer GNSS systems.

0 No phase information included
1 L1 phase included
2 L2 phase included
GAL European Galileo