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Jun 20, 2016, 5:21:17 PM (6 years ago)

the possibility to load an ocean loading file is added in GUI for internal use

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  • trunk/BNC/src/bncmain.cpp

    r7944 r7961  
    204204      "   PPP/logPath     {Directory for PPP log files [character string]}\n"
    205205      "   PPP/antexFile   {ANTEX file, full path [character string]}\n"
     206#ifdef USE_PPP
     207      "   PPP/blqFile   {ANTEX file, full path [character string]}\n"
    206209      "   PPP/nmeaPath    {Directory for NMEA output files [character string]}\n"
    207210      "   PPP/snxtroPath  {Directory for SINEX troposphere output files [character string]}\n"
  • trunk/BNC/src/bncwindow.cpp

    r7949 r7961  
    917917  pppLayout1->addWidget(new QLabel("Coordinates file"),      ir, 0);
    918918  pppLayout1->addWidget(_pppWidgets._crdFile,                ir, 1);
    919   pppLayout1->addWidget(new QLabel("   Version 3 filenames"),ir, 3);
    920   pppLayout1->addWidget(_pppWidgets._v3filenames,            ir, 4, 1, 3);
     919#ifdef USE_PPP
     920  pppLayout1->addWidget(new QLabel("   BLQ file"),           ir, 3);
     921  pppLayout1->addWidget(_pppWidgets._blqFile,                ir, 4, 1, 3);
    921923  ++ir;
    922924  pppLayout1->addWidget(new QLabel("Logfile directory"),     ir, 0);
    932934  pppLayout1->addWidget(_pppWidgets._snxtroSampl,            ir, 6, Qt::AlignRight);
    933935  ++ir;
     936  pppLayout1->addWidget(new QLabel("Version 3 filenames"),   ir, 0);
     937  pppLayout1->addWidget(_pppWidgets._v3filenames,            ir, 1, 1, 3);
    934938  pppLayout1->addWidget(new QLabel("   SNX TRO AC"),         ir, 3);
    935939  pppLayout1->addWidget(_pppWidgets._snxtroAc,               ir, 4);
    936   pppLayout1->addWidget(new QLabel("   SNX TRO solution")    ,ir, 5);
     940  pppLayout1->addWidget(new QLabel("   SNX TRO solution"),   ir, 5);
    937941  pppLayout1->addWidget(_pppWidgets._snxtroSol,              ir, 6, Qt::AlignRight);
    938942  pppLayout1->setRowStretch(ir, 999);
    13511355  _pppWidgets._corrFile->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify the Broadcast Ephemeris Corrections file as saved beforehand using BNC.</p><p>If you don't specify corrections by this option, BNC will fall back to Single Point Positioning (SPP, positioning from RINEX Obs and RINEX Nav files only) instead of doing PPP.</p>"));
    13521356  _pppWidgets._antexFile->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Observations in RTCM streams or RINEX files should be referred to the receiver's and to the satellite's Antenna Phase Center (APC) and therefore be corrected for<ul><li>Receiver APC offsets</li><li>Receiver APC variations</li><li>Satellite APC offsets.</li></ul> Specify the full path to an IGS 'ANTEX file' which contains APC offsets and variations.</p><p>If you don't specify an 'ANTEX file' then observations will not be corrected for APC offsets and variations.</p>"));
     1357  _pppWidgets._blqFile->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Enter the full path to an ocean loading file in BLQ format. It contains a record for each site, which shows a header with information on the ocean tide model, the site name and the geographic coordinates. The first three rows of numbers designate amplitudes (meter), radial, west, south, and are followed by three lines with the corresponding phase values (degrees).</p>"));
    13531358  _pppWidgets._crdFile->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Enter the full path to an ASCII file which specifies the streams or files of those stations you want to process. Specifying a 'Coordinates file' is optional. If it exists, it should contain one record per station with the following parameters separated by blank character:<p><ul><li>Specify the station either by<ul><li>the 'Mountpoint' of the station's RTCM stream (when in real-time PPP mode), or</li><li>the 4-charater station ID of the RINEX Observations file (when in post processing PPP mode).</li></ul></li><li>Approximate X,Y,Z coordinate of station's Antenna Reference Point [m] (ARP, specify '0.0 0.0 0.0' if unknown).</li><li>North, East and Up component of antenna eccentricity [m] (specify '0.0 0.0 0.0' if unknown).</li><li>20 Characters describing the antenna type and radome following the IGS 'ANTEX file' standard (leave blank if unknown).</li><li>Receiver type following the naming conventions for IGS equipment.</li></ul></p><p>Records with exclamation mark '!' in the first column or blank records will be interpreted as comment lines and ignored.</p>"));
    13541359  _pppWidgets._v3filenames->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Tick 'Version 3 filenames' to let BNC create so-called extended filenames for PPP logfiles, NMEA files and SINEX Troposphere files following the RINEX Version 3 standard.</p><p>Default is an empty check box, meaning to create filenames following the RINEX Version 2 standard. The file content is not affected by this option. It only concerns the filenames.</p>"));
  • trunk/BNC/src/pppMain.cpp

    r7943 r7961  
    174174    opt->_crdFile.assign(settings.value("PPP/crdFile").toString().toStdString());
     175#ifdef USE_PPP
    175176    opt->_antexFileName.assign(settings.value("PPP/antexFile").toString().toStdString());
     178    opt->_blqFileName.assign(settings.value("PPP/blqFile").toString().toStdString());
    177180    opt->_sigmaC1      = settings.value("PPP/sigmaC1").toDouble(); if (opt->_sigmaC1 <= 0.0) opt->_sigmaC1 =  2.0;
  • trunk/BNC/src/pppOptions.h

    r7521 r7961  
    3838  std::string             _antNameRover;
    3939  std::string             _antexFileName;
     40  std::string             _blqFileName;
    4041  double                  _sigmaC1;
    4142  double                  _sigmaL1;
  • trunk/BNC/src/pppWidgets.cpp

    r7943 r7961  
    5959  _crdFile      = new qtFileChooser(); _crdFile     ->setObjectName("PPP/crdFile");      _widgets << _crdFile;
    6060  _antexFile    = new qtFileChooser(); _antexFile   ->setObjectName("PPP/antexFile");    _widgets << _antexFile;
     61  _blqFile      = new qtFileChooser(); _blqFile     ->setObjectName("PPP/blqFile");      _widgets << _blqFile;
    6162  _logPath      = new QLineEdit();     _logPath     ->setObjectName("PPP/logPath");      _widgets << _logPath;
    6263  _nmeaPath     = new QLineEdit();     _nmeaPath    ->setObjectName("PPP/nmeaPath");     _widgets << _nmeaPath;
    220221  delete _crdFile;
    221222  delete _antexFile;
     223  delete _blqFile;
    222224  delete _logPath;
    223225  delete _nmeaPath;
  • trunk/BNC/src/pppWidgets.h

    r7764 r7961  
    4545  qtFileChooser* _crdFile;
    4646  qtFileChooser* _antexFile;
     47  qtFileChooser* _blqFile;
    4748  QLineEdit*     _logPath;
    4849  QLineEdit*     _nmeaPath;
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