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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#168 Add Monitoring feature to BNC with Prometheus BNC enhancement stuerze new 43 hours ago
#108 Add monitoring functionalities for BNC BNC task stuerze new 5 years ago
#123 BKG caster does not actively close server connections Professional Caster ntripcaster 2.0.13 defect mark@… needinfo 3 years ago
#122 BNC only retrieves correction information in Auto NMEA if port is opened by another application BNC defect stuerze new 4 years ago
#169 BNC :: RTCMv3 :: NTP Server BNC enhancement stuerze new 21 hours ago
#159 Can not launch BNC example config BNC BNC 2.2 defect stuerze new 8 months ago
#119 Pull relays do not reconnect, recover on 2.0.36 Professional Caster defect mark@… needinfo 4 years ago
#161 Segmentation Fault BNC 2.13 RTNET upload BNC defect stuerze new 8 months ago
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