Nov 10, 2020, 11:00:43 AM (12 months ago)

pppMap now with OSM only

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  • branches/BNC_2.12/src/pppWidgets.cpp

    r8413 r9235  
    9191  _plotCoordinates  = new QLineEdit;    _plotCoordinates ->setObjectName("PPP/plotCoordinates");  _widgets << _plotCoordinates;
    9292  _mapWinButton     = new QPushButton;  _mapWinButton    ->setObjectName("PPP/mapWinButton");     _widgets << _mapWinButton;
    93   _useGoogleMap     = new QRadioButton; _useGoogleMap    ->setObjectName("PPP/useGoogleMap");     _widgets << _useGoogleMap;
    94   _useOpenStreetMap = new QRadioButton; _useOpenStreetMap->setObjectName("PPP/useOpenStreetMap"); _widgets << _useOpenStreetMap;
    9593  _audioResponse    = new QLineEdit;    _audioResponse   ->setObjectName("PPP/audioResponse");    _widgets << _audioResponse;
    9694  _mapWinDotSize    = new QLineEdit;    _mapWinDotSize   ->setObjectName("PPP/mapWinDotSize");    _widgets << _mapWinDotSize;
    199197  _audioResponse->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify an 'Audio response' threshold in meters. A beep is produced by BNC whenever a horizontal PPP coordinate component differs by more than the threshold value from the a priori marker coordinate.</p><p>Default is an empty option field, meaning that you don't want BNC to produce alarm signals.</p>"));
    200198  _mapWinButton->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>You may like to track your rover position using Google Maps or Open Street Map as a background map. A 'Track map' can be produced with BNC in 'Real-Time Streams' or 'RINEX files' PPP mode.</p><p>The 'Open Map' button opens a windows showing a map according to specified options.</p><p>Even in 'RINEX files' post processing mode you should not forget to specify a proxy under the 'Network' tab if that is operated in front of BNC because the program needs to download the map data.</p>"));
    201   _useGoogleMap->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify Google Maps as the background for your rover positions.</p>"));
    202   _useOpenStreetMap->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify Open Street Map as the background for your rover positions.</p>"));
    203199  _mapWinDotSize->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify the size of dots showing rover positions on the track map.</p><p>A dot size of '3' may be appropriate. The maximum possible dot size is '10'. An empty option field or a size of '0' would mean that you don't want BNC to show the rover's track on the map.</p>"));
    204200  _mapWinDotColor->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify the color of dots showing the rover track on the map.</p>"));
    248244  delete _plotCoordinates;
    249245  delete _mapWinButton;
    250   delete _useGoogleMap;
    251   delete _useOpenStreetMap;
    252246  delete _audioResponse;
    253247  delete _mapWinDotSize;
    378372  _plotCoordinates ->setText(settings.value(_plotCoordinates->objectName()).toString());
    379373  _audioResponse   ->setText(settings.value(_audioResponse->objectName()).toString());
    380   _useGoogleMap    ->setChecked(settings.value(_useGoogleMap->objectName()).toBool());
    381   _useOpenStreetMap->setChecked(settings.value(_useOpenStreetMap->objectName()).toBool());
    382374  _mapWinDotSize   ->setText(settings.value(_mapWinDotSize->objectName()).toString());
    444436  settings.setValue(_plotCoordinates ->objectName(), _plotCoordinates ->text());
    445437  settings.setValue(_audioResponse   ->objectName(), _audioResponse   ->text());
    446   settings.setValue(_useGoogleMap    ->objectName(), _useGoogleMap    ->isChecked());
    447   settings.setValue(_useOpenStreetMap->objectName(), _useOpenStreetMap->isChecked());
    448438  settings.setValue(_mapWinDotSize   ->objectName(), _mapWinDotSize   ->text());
    449439  settings.setValue(_mapWinDotColor  ->objectName(), _mapWinDotColor  ->currentText());
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