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Aug 22, 2012, 10:16:48 AM (10 years ago)

Audio response added to PPP option

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  • trunk/BNC/src/bncwindow.cpp

    r4537 r4547  
    379379  _pppQuickStartLineEdit = new QLineEdit(settings.value("pppQuickStart").toString());
    380380  _pppMaxSolGapLineEdit  = new QLineEdit(settings.value("pppMaxSolGap").toString());
     381  _pppAudioResponseLineEdit  = new QLineEdit(settings.value("pppAudioResponse").toString());
    381382  _pppRefCrdXLineEdit    = new QLineEdit(settings.value("pppRefCrdX").toString());
    382383  _pppRefCrdYLineEdit    = new QLineEdit(settings.value("pppRefCrdY").toString());
    887888  _pppQuickStartLineEdit->setMaximumWidth(6*ww);
    888889  _pppMaxSolGapLineEdit->setMaximumWidth(6*ww);
     890  _pppAudioResponseLineEdit->setMaximumWidth(6*ww);
    889891  _pppRefCrdXLineEdit->setMaximumWidth(10*ww);
    890892  _pppRefCrdYLineEdit->setMaximumWidth(10*ww);
    987989  ppp2Layout->addWidget(_pppMaxSolGapLineEdit,                ir, 7, Qt::AlignRight);
    988990  ppp2Layout->addWidget(new QLabel("Max Sol. Gap (sec)"),     ir, 8); 
     991  ++ir;
     992  ppp2Layout->addWidget(new QLabel("Basics cont'd"),          ir, 0); 
     993  ppp2Layout->addWidget(_pppAudioResponseLineEdit,            ir, 1, Qt::AlignRight);
     994  ppp2Layout->addWidget(new QLabel("Audio response (m)"),     ir, 2); 
    989995  ++ir;
    990996  ppp2Layout->addWidget(new QLabel("Sigmas"),                 ir, 0);
    12571263  _pppQuickStartLineEdit->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Enter the lenght of a startup period in seconds for which you want to fix the PPP solution to a known XYZ coordinate as introduced above and adjust a sigma 'XYZ Ini' according to the coordinate's precision. Fixing the coordinate is done in BNC through setting the 'Sigma XYZ Noise' you define below temporarily to zero.</p><p>This so-called Quick-Start option allows the PPP solution to rapidly converge. It requires that the antenna remains unmoved on the know position throughout the startup period.</p><p>A value of 120 is likely to be an appropriate choice for 'Quick-Start'. Default is an empty option field, meaning that you don't want BNC to operate in Quick-Start mode.</p>"));
    12581264  _pppMaxSolGapLineEdit->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify a 'Maximum Solution Gap' in seconds. Should the time span between two consecutive solutions exceed this limit, the algorithm returns into Quick-Start mode and fixes the introduced reference coordinate for the specified period. A value of '60' seconds could be an appropriate choice.</p><p>This option makes only sense for a stationary operated receiver where solution convergence can be enforced because a good approximation for the rover position is known. Default is an empty option field, meaning that you don't want BNC to return into the Quick-Start mode after failures caused i.e. by longer lasting outages.</p>"));
     1265  _pppAudioResponseLineEdit->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify an 'Audio response' threshold in meters. A beep is produced by BNC whenever a horizontal PPP coordinate component differs by more than the threshold value from the marker coordinate.</p><p>Default is an empty option field, meaning that you don't want BNC to produce alarm signals.</p>"));
    12591266  _pppSigPLineEdit->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Enter a sigma for your phase observations in meters.</p><p>The higher the sigma you enter, the less the contribution of phase observations to a PPP solutions based on a combination of code and phase data. 0.02 (default) is likely to be an appropriate choice.</p>"));
    12601267  _pppAverageLineEdit->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Enter the length of a sliding time window in minutes. BNC will continuously output moving average positions computed from those individual positions obtained most recently throughout this period.</p><p>An empty option field (default) means that you don't want BNC to output moving average positions.</p>"));
    17211728  settings.setValue("pppQuickStart", _pppQuickStartLineEdit->text());
    17221729  settings.setValue("pppMaxSolGap",  _pppMaxSolGapLineEdit->text());
     1730  settings.setValue("pppAudioResponse",  _pppAudioResponseLineEdit->text());
    17231731  settings.setValue("pppSigmaCode",_pppSigCLineEdit->text());
    17241732  settings.setValue("pppSigmaPhase",_pppSigPLineEdit->text());
    23012309    bool enable3 = enable2 && !_pppQuickStartLineEdit->text().isEmpty();
    23022310    enableWidget(enable3, _pppMaxSolGapLineEdit);
     2311    enableWidget(enable3, _pppAudioResponseLineEdit);
    23042313    bool enable4 = enable && !_pppAntexFileChooser->fileName().isEmpty();
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