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Accessibility Support in Trac

Not every user has a graphic environment with a mouse or other pointing device. Some users rely on a keyboard, alternative keyboard or voice input to navigate links and activate form controls. In a Trac session, users can use a device other than a pointing device by enabling keyboard shortcuts through the Keyboard Shortcuts preferences panel.

Global Access Keys

The global access keys differ by browser and the following work for several browsers:

  • on Linux, press any of the keys listed below in combination with the <Alt> key
  • on a Mac, use <Ctrl> + <Opt> + <Key>
  • on Windows, use <Shift> + <Alt> + <Key>. This works for the most common browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer

See access in different browsers for more details.

TracBrowser Navigation

The browser can be navigated using the keys listed below. The key modifiers listed above are not used for navigating the browser.

  • j and k - select the next or previous entry, starting with the first
  • o (open) - toggle between expanded and collapsed state of the selected directory or visit the selected file
  • v (view, visit) and <Enter> - same as above
  • r - reload an already expanded directory
  • a - directly visit a file in annotate (blame) mode
  • L - view the Log for the selected entry

If no row has been selected using j or k, the keys will operate on the entry under the mouse.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.