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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#127 Abbie Quinnen Asked AJ Pritchard If He 'Still Loves Her' After Fire Other defect team new May 7, 2021
#89 Add an option to decide, which mountpoints shall be used for navigation information BNC enhancement stuerze new Aug 16, 2016
#108 Add monitoring functionalities for BNC BNC task stuerze new Aug 10, 2018
#123 BKG caster does not actively close server connections Professional Caster ntripcaster 2.0.13 defect stoecker new Aug 12, 2020
#117 BNC 2.12.9 ubuntu 64 bit SEGFAULT BNC defect stuerze new Jul 10, 2019
#118 BNC 2.12.9 ubuntu 64 not saving RINEX if time zone is not setted BNC defect stuerze new Jul 10, 2019
#132 BNC : bnc get thread exception BNC defect stuerze new Dec 17, 2021
#124 BNC disconnect immediately after connection BNC defect stuerze new Oct 2, 2020
#153 BNC is unable to open serial port BNC defect stuerze new Nov 18, 2022
#122 BNC only retrieves correction information in Auto NMEA if port is opened by another application BNC defect stuerze new Mar 24, 2020
#128 BNC trunk fails to compile with GCC 10 BNC defect stuerze new Jun 10, 2021
#93 File Output of code and phase biases in standardized SINEX Format BNC enhancement stuerze new Sep 20, 2016
#120 Galileo week rollover issue in RINEX nav BNC defect stuerze new Jan 28, 2020
#99 Missbehaviour of "Add streams from caster" dialog BNC defect stuerze new May 19, 2017
#134 Old GNSS week in BCEP00BKG0 for BeiDou and Galileo Other defect team new Feb 22, 2022
#131 problem with compiling BNC defect wiese accepted Nov 25, 2021
#119 Pull relays do not reconnect, recover on 2.0.36 Professional Caster defect stoecker new Oct 2, 2019
#105 Transition from Qt 4.x to Qt5 BNC task wiese accepted Dec 11, 2017
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