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#99 Missbehaviour of "Add streams from caster" dialog new stuerze defect BNC
#117 BNC 2.12.9 ubuntu 64 bit SEGFAULT new stuerze defect BNC
#120 Galileo week rollover issue in RINEX nav new stuerze defect BNC
#122 BNC only retrieves correction information in Auto NMEA if port is opened by another application new stuerze defect BNC
#124 BNC disconnect immediately after connection new stuerze defect BNC
#127 Abbie Quinnen Asked AJ Pritchard If He 'Still Loves Her' After Fire new team defect Other
#128 BNC trunk fails to compile with GCC 10 new stuerze defect BNC
#131 problem with compiling accepted wiese defect BNC
#132 BNC : bnc get thread exception new stuerze defect BNC
#134 Old GNSS week in BCEP00BKG0 for BeiDou and Galileo new team defect Other
#153 BNC is unable to open serial port new stuerze defect BNC
#89 Add an option to decide, which mountpoints shall be used for navigation information new stuerze enhancement BNC
#93 File Output of code and phase biases in standardized SINEX Format new stuerze enhancement BNC
#105 Transition from Qt 4.x to Qt5 accepted wiese task BNC
#108 Add monitoring functionalities for BNC new stuerze task BNC
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