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(edit) @9404   16 months stoecker drop the deprecated www prefix
(edit) @7846   6 years stoecker fix externals
(edit) @7845   6 years stoecker move clock & orbit many repository into BNC
(edit) @7777   6 years stuerze small bugs regarding phase bias encoding fixed
(edit) @6894   7 years stuerze small fix in WL indicator encoding
(edit) @6890   7 years stuerze message number for phase bias encoding fixed
(edit) @6845   7 years stuerze minor changes
(edit) @6811   7 years stuerze minor changes in MT number
(edit) @6810   7 years stuerze minor changes in SBAS Code Bias Type
(edit) @6555   8 years weber Type (int) added to avoid compiler warnings on OS X
(edit) @6554   8 years stoecker fix some compiler warnings
(edit) @6379   8 years mervart LM: delete these file (they are in rtcm3torinex)
(edit) @6324   8 years stuerze maximum number of GLONASS satellites increased
(edit) @6210   8 years stuerze added to have them available in readRTCM3()
(edit) @6209   8 years stuerze some changes to use the added readRTCM3()
(edit) @6208   8 years stuerze initial import of readRTCM3() that is able to read, decode and print …
(edit) @6207   8 years stoecker fix bias loops
(edit) @6206   8 years stoecker fix wl count in generate code
(edit) @6205   8 years stoecker fix bitcount for phase biases
(edit) @6204   8 years stuerze reset to revision 5670
(edit) @6203   8 years stuerze small changes to enable phase bias decoding
(edit) @5670   8 years stoecker fix URA (add UpdateInterval)
(edit) @5669   8 years stoecker fix overlap, remove tabs
(edit) @5668   8 years stuerze small bugfix with respect to the GLONASS code bias generation
(edit) @5667   8 years stoecker small cleanups in SVN metadata
(edit) @5664   8 years stoecker SSR update
(edit) @4981   9 years stoecker fix GLONASS code biases access
(edit) @4241   10 years stoecker fixed code numbers for SSR
(edit) @3728   10 years stoecker use correct error code
(edit) @3634   11 years stoecker fix IOD issue
(edit) @3593   11 years mervart LM: bug correction
(edit) @3511   11 years stoecker update to final standard
(edit) @3495   11 years stoecker add properties
(edit) @2506   12 years stoecker fix glonass biases
(edit) @2491   12 years stoecker fixed dir layout for better SVN integration
(edit) @2432   12 years stoecker fixed bug
(edit) @2421   12 years stoecker update of SSR messages
(edit) @2323   12 years stoecker fixed bug
(edit) @1842   13 years stoecker fixed a set of decoding bugs
(edit) @1840   13 years stoecker updated
(edit) @1826   13 years stoecker fixed long data blocks
(edit) @1819   13 years stoecker fixed warnings
(edit) @1808   13 years stoecker fixed
(edit) @1581   13 years stoecker updated to new version december 2008
(edit) @1238   14 years stoecker changes by Mr. Weber
(add) @956   14 years stoecker added
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