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    6969name or IP and port number in the 'Network' panel.
    71 You should be able to run all configuration examples without changing their
    72 options. However, configurations 'Upload.bnc' and 'UploadPPP.bnc' are
     71You should be able to run all configuration file examples without changing
     72contained options. However, configurations 'Upload.bnc' and 'UploadPPP.bnc' are
    7373exceptions because they require an input stream from a connected network engine.
    75 1. File 'RinexObs.bnc'
     751. Configuration File 'RinexObs.bnc'
    7676Purpose: Convert RTCM streams to RINEX Observation files. The configuration
    7777pulls streams from Ntrip Broadcasters using Ntrip Version 1 to generate 15min
    7979 for observation stream resources.
    81 2. File 'RinexEph.bnc'
     812. Configuration File 'RinexEph.bnc'
    8282Purpose: Convert a RTCM stream with navigation messages to RINEX Navigation
    8383files. The configuration pulls a RTCM Version 3 stream with Broadcast Ephemeris
    8686real-time Broadcast Ephemeris resources.
    88 3. File 'BrdcCorr.bnc'
     883. Configuration File 'BrdcCorr.bnc'
    8989Purpose: Save Broadcast Corrections from RTCM SSR messages in hourly plain
    9090ASCII files. See for various real-time IGS
    9191or EUREF orbit/clock correction products.
    93 4. File 'RinexConcat.bnc'
     934. Configuration File 'RinexConcat.bnc'
    9494Purpose: Concatenate several RINEX Version 3 files to produce one compiled file
    9595and edit the marker name in the file header. The sampling interval is set to 30
    9898concatenation and quality check.
    100 5. File 'RinexQC.bnc'
     1005. Configuration File 'RinexQC.bnc'
    101101Purpose: Check the quality of a RINEX Version 3 file by means of a multipath
    102102analysis. Results are saved on disk in terms of a plot in PNG format. See
    105105and quality check.
    107 6. File 'RTK.bnc'
     1076. Configuration File 'RTK.bnc'
    108108Purpose: Feed a serial connected receiver with observations from a nearby
    109109reference station for conventional RTK. The stream is scanned for RTCM
    111111reported in BNC's logfile.
    113 7. File 'FeedEngine.bnc'
     1137. Configuration File 'FeedEngine.bnc'
    114114Purpose: Feed a real-time GNSS engine with observations from remote reference
    115115stations. The configuration pulls a single stream from an Ntrip Broadcaster.
    119119about outages.
    121 8. File 'PPP.bnc'
     1218. Configuration File 'PPP.bnc'
    122122Purpose: Precise Point Positioning from observations of a rover receiver. The
    123123configuration reads RTCM Version 3 observations, a Broadcast Ephemeris stream
    124124and a stream with Broadcast Corrections. Positions are saved in the logfile.
    126 9. File 'PPPNet.bnc'
     1269. Configuration File 'PPPNet.bnc'
    127127Purpose: Precise Point Positioning for several rovers or receivers from an
    128128entire network of reference stations in one BNC job. The possible maximum
    132132PPP Results for the two stations are saved in PPP logfiles.
    134 10. File 'PPPQuickStart.bnc'
     13410. Configuration File 'PPPQuickStart.bnc'
    135135Purpose: Precise Point Positioning in Quick-Start mode from observations of a
    136136static receiver with precisely known position. The configuration reads RTCM
    140140in the logfile.
    142 11. File 'PPPPostProc.bnc'
     14211. Configuration File 'PPPPostProc.bnc'
    143143Purpose: Precise Point Positioning in post processing mode. BNC reads RINEX
    144144Version 3 Observation and 3 Navigation files and a Broadcast Correction file.
    147147over time following the implemented PPP filter algorithm.
    149 12. File 'PPPGoogleMaps.bnc'
     14912. Configuration File 'PPPGoogleMaps.bnc'
    150150Purpose: Track BNC's point positioning solutions using Google Maps or
    151151OpenStreetMap as background. BNC reads a RINEX Observation file and a RINEX
    156156positions on top of GM/OSM maps.
    158 13. File 'SPPQuickStartGal.bnc'
     15813. Configuration File 'SPPQuickStartGal.bnc'
    159159Purpose: Single Point Positioning in Quick-Start mode from observations of a
    160160static receiver with quite precisely known position. The configuration uses
    161161GPS, GLONASS and Galileo observations and a Broadcast Ephemeris stream.
    163 14. File 'SaveSp3.bnc'
     16314. Configuration File 'SaveSp3.bnc'
    164164Purpose: Produces SP3 files from a Broadcast Ephemeris stream and a Broadcast
    165165Correction stream. The Broadcast Correction stream is formally introduced in
    167167file because SP3 file content should be referred to CoM.
    169 15. File 'Sp3ETRF2000PPP.bnc'
     16915. Configuration File 'Sp3ETRF2000PPP.bnc'
    170170Purpose: Produce SP3 files from a Broadcast Ephemeris stream and a stream
    171171carrying ETRF2000 Broadcast Corrections. The Broadcast Correction stream is
    176176reference coordinate.
    178 16. File 'Upload.bnc'
     17816. Configuration File 'Upload.bnc'
    179179Purpose: Upload orbits and clocks from a real-time GNSS engine to an Ntrip
    180180Broadcaster. For that the configuration reads precise orbits and clocks in
    186186are saved in Clock RINEX format.
    188 17. File 'Combi.bnc'
     18817. Configuration File 'Combi.bnc'
    189189Purpose: Pull several streams carrying Broadcast Corrections and a Broadcast
    190190Ephemeris from an Ntrip Broadcaster to produce a combined Broadcast Correction
    195195(referred to CoM) and clocks in Clock RINEX format.
    197 18. File 'CombiPPP.bnc'
     19718. Configuration File 'CombiPPP.bnc'
    198198Purpose: This configuration equals the 'Combi.bnc' configuration. However, the
    199199combined Broadcast Corrections are in addition used for an 'INTERNAL' PPP
    202202product through observing coordinate displacements.
    204 19. File 'UploadEph.bnc'
     20419. Configuration File 'UploadEph.bnc'
    205205Purpose: Pull a number of streams from reference stations to get hold of
    206206contained Broadcast Ephemeris messages. They are encoded to RTCM Version 3
    208208with an update rate of 5 seconds.
    210 20. File 'CompareSp3.bnc'
     21020. Configuration File 'CompareSp3.bnc'
    211211Purpose: Compare two SP3 files to calculate RMS values for orbit and clock
    212212differences. GPS satellite G05 and GLONASS satellite R18 are excluded from this
    213213comparison. Comparison results are saved in a logfile.
    215 21. File 'Empty.bnc'
     21521. Configuration File 'Empty.bnc'
    216216Purpose: Provide an empty example configuration file for BNC which only
    217217contains the default settings.
     219The following configuration examples make use of BNC's 'Command Line Interface'
     220(CLI). Configuration options are exclusively specified via command line. No
     221configuration file is used. Examples are provided as shell scripts for a Linux
     222system. They call BNC in 'no window' batch mode (command line option -nw).
     22422. Shell Script 'RinexQC.cli'
     225Purpose: Equals configuration file example 'RinexQC.bnc', checks the quality of
     226a RINEX Version 3 file by means of a multipath analysis. Virtual X-Server
     227'Xvfb' is operated while producing plot files in PNG format. BNC is offline.
     228All results are saved on disk.
    219230Georg Weber, BKG
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