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    10131013  _reqcSkyPlotSignals = new QLineEdit(settings.value("reqcSkyPlotSignals").toString());
    1014   _reqcSkyPlotSignals->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>G:1&2 R:1&2 J:1&2 E:1&7 C:1&6</p><p>G:1C&5X</p><p>C:6I&7I</p>"));
     1014  _reqcSkyPlotSignals->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>BNC can produce plots for multipath, signal-to-noise ratio, satellite availability, satellite elevation, and PDOP values. The 'Plots for signals' option lets you specify the observation signals to be used for that. You can specify the navigation system, the frequency and the tracking mode or channel as defined in RINEX Version 3. Specifications for fequency and tracking mode or channel must be seperated by ampersand character '&'. Specifications for navigation systems must be seperated by blank character ' '. Examples:<ul><li> G:1&2 R:1&2 J:1&2 E:1&7 C:1&6 S:1<br>(Plots will be based on GPS observations on 1st and 2nd frequency, GLONASS observations on 1st and 2nd frequency, QZSS observations on 1st and 2nd frequency, Galileo observations on 1st and 7th frequency, BeiDou observations on 1st and 6th frequency, SBAS observations on 1st frequency)</li><li>G:1C&5X<br>(Plots will be based on GPS observations on 1st frequency in C tracking mode and GPS observations on 5th frequency in X tracking mode)</li><li>C:6I&7I<br>(Plots will be based on BeiDou observations on 6th frequency in I tracking mode and BeiDou observations on 7th frequency in I tracking mode)<li></ul></p>"));
    10151016  connect(_reqcSkyPlotSignals, SIGNAL(textChanged(const QString &)),
    10161017          this, SLOT(slotBncTextChanged()));
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