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  • trunk/BNC/src/bncwindow.cpp

    r6607 r6628  
    673673  oLayout->addWidget(new QLabel("Version 2"),                      5, 0);
    674674  oLayout->addWidget(_rnxV2Priority,                               5, 1);
    675   oLayout->addWidget(new QLabel("  Signal Priority"),              5, 2, 1,15);
     675  oLayout->addWidget(new QLabel("  Signal priority"),              5, 2, 1,15);
    676676  oLayout->addWidget(new QLabel("Version 3"),                      6, 0);
    677677  oLayout->addWidget(_rnxV3CheckBox,                               6, 1);
    12401240  _ephV3CheckBox->setWhatsThis(tr("The default format for output of RINEX Navigation data containing Broadcast Ephemeris is RINEX Version 2. Select 'Version 3' if you want to output the ephemeris in RINEX Version 3 format."));
    12411241  _rnxV3CheckBox->setWhatsThis(tr("The default format for RINEX Observation files is RINEX Version 2. Select 'Version 3' if you want to save the observations in RINEX Version 3 format."));
    1243   _rnxV2Priority->setWhatsThis(tr("Test."));
     1242  _rnxV2Priority->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify a priority list of characters defining signal generation attributes as defined in RINEX Version 3. Priorities will be used to map RINEX Version 3 observations to Version 2. The underscore character '_' stands for undefined attributes. A question mark '?' can be used as wildcard which represents any one character.</p><p>Default is priority list 'CWPX_?'.</p>"));
    12451243  _miscMountLineEdit->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify a mountpoint to apply any of the options shown below. Enter 'ALL' if you want to apply these options to all configured streams.</p><p>An empty option field (default) means that you don't want BNC to apply any of these options.</p>"));
    12461244  _miscPortLineEdit->setWhatsThis(tr("BNC can output an incoming stream through a TCP/IP port of your local host. Specify a port number here to activate this function."));
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