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  • trunk/BNC/src/bncwindow.cpp

    r5893 r5895  
    885885  QHBoxLayout* pppLayout4Hlp1 = new QHBoxLayout;
    886   _pppPlotCoordinates = new QCheckBox();
    887   _pppPlotCoordinates->setCheckState(Qt::CheckState(settings.value("pppPlotCoordinates").toInt()));
    888886  pppLayout4Hlp1->addWidget(new QLabel("PPP Plot           "));
    889   pppLayout4Hlp1->addWidget(_pppPlotCoordinates);
     887  pppLayout4Hlp1->addWidget(_pppWidgets._plotCoordinates);
    890888  pppLayout4Hlp1->addWidget(new QLabel("Nort-East-Up Time Series"));
    891889  pppLayout4Hlp1->addStretch();
    895893  QHBoxLayout* pppLayout4Hlp2 = new QHBoxLayout;
    896894  pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(new QLabel("Track Plot         "));
    897   _mapWinButton = new QPushButton;
    898   _mapWinButton->setText("Open Map");
    899   connect(_mapWinButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), SLOT(slotMapPPP()));
    900   pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_mapWinButton);
     895  connect(_pppWidgets._mapWinButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), SLOT(slotMapPPP()));
     896  pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_pppWidgets._mapWinButton);
    902898  pppLayout4Hlp2->addSpacing(1*ww);
    904   _gmRadioButton  = new QRadioButton;
    905   _gmRadioButton->setChecked(!settings.value("useOsmMap").toBool());
    906900  pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(new QLabel("Google"));
    907   pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_gmRadioButton);
    909   _osmRadioButton = new QRadioButton;
    910   _osmRadioButton->setChecked(settings.value("useOsmMap").toBool());
     901  pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_pppWidgets._gmRadioButton);
    911903  pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(new QLabel("OSM"));
    912   pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_osmRadioButton);
     904  pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_pppWidgets._osmRadioButton);
    914906  pppLayout4Hlp2->addSpacing(3*ww);
    916   _mapWinDotSizeLineEdit  = new QLineEdit(settings.value("mapWinDotSize").toString());
    917   pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(new QLabel("Dot Size"));
    918   _mapWinDotSizeLineEdit->setMaximumWidth(5*ww);
    919   pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_mapWinDotSizeLineEdit);
     908  _pppWidgets._mapWinDotSizeLineEdit->setMaximumWidth(5*ww);
     909  pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_pppWidgets._mapWinDotSizeLineEdit);
    921911  pppLayout4Hlp2->addSpacing(3*ww);
    923   _mapWinDotColorComboBox = new QComboBox();
    924   pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(new QLabel("Dot Color"));
    925   _mapWinDotColorComboBox->setEditable(false);
    926   _mapWinDotColorComboBox->addItems(QString("red,yellow").split(","));
    927   ii = _mapWinDotColorComboBox->findText(settings.value("mapWinDotColor").toString());
    928   if (ii != -1) {
    929     _mapWinDotColorComboBox->setCurrentIndex(ii);
    930   }
    931   pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_mapWinDotColorComboBox);
     913  pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_pppWidgets._mapWinDotColorComboBox);
    933915  pppLayout4Hlp2->addSpacing(3*ww);
    935   _mapSpeedSlider = new QSlider;
    936   _mapSpeedSlider->setOrientation(Qt::Horizontal);
    937   _mapSpeedSlider->setRange(1, 100);
    938   _mapSpeedSlider->setTickPosition(QSlider::TicksBelow);
    939   _mapSpeedSlider->setTickInterval(10);
    940   int speed = settings.value("mapSpeed").toInt();
    941   if (speed == 0) speed = _mapSpeedSlider->maximum();
    942   _mapSpeedSlider->setSliderPosition(speed);
    943917  pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(new QLabel("Speed"));
    944   pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_mapSpeedSlider);
     918  pppLayout4Hlp2->addWidget(_pppWidgets._mapSpeedSlider);
    946920  pppLayout4Hlp2->addStretch();
    11971171  _reqcActionComboBox->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>BNC allows to edit or concatenate RINEX v2 or v3 files or to perform a quality check following UNAVCO's famous 'teqc' program.</p>"));
    11981172  _reqcEditOptionButton->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify options for editing RINEX v2 or v3 files.</p>"));
    1199   _mapWinButton->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>You make like to track your rover position using Google Maps or Open Street Map as a background map. Track plots can be produced with BNC in 'Realtime-PPP', 'Realtime-SPP' and 'Post-Processing' mode.</p><p>The 'Open Map' button opens a windows showing a map according to specified options.</p><p>When in 'Post-Processing' mode you should not forget to specify a proxy under the 'Network' tab if that is operated in front of BNC."));
    1200   _gmRadioButton->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify Google Maps as the background for your rover positions."));
    1201   _osmRadioButton->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify Open Street Map as the background for your rover positions."));
    1202   _mapWinDotSizeLineEdit->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify the size of dots showing the rover positions.</p><p>A dot size of '3' may be appropriate. The maximum possible dot size is '10'. An empty option field or a size of '0' would mean that you don't want BNC to show the rover's track on the map.</p>"));
    1203   _mapWinDotColorComboBox->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify the color of dots showing the rover track.</p>"));
    1204   _mapSpeedSlider->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>With BNC in PPP post-processing mode you can specify the speed of computations as appropriate for visualization. Note that you can adjust 'Speed' on-the-fly while BNC is already processing your observations."));
    12051173  _bncFigurePPP->setWhatsThis(tr("PPP time series of North (red), East (green) and Up (blue) coordinate components are shown in the 'PPP Plot' tab when the corresponting option is selected above. Values are either referred to an XYZ reference coordinate (if specified) or referred to the first estimated set of coordinate compoments. The sliding PPP time series window covers the period of the latest 5 minutes."));
    12061174  _cmbTable->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>BNC allows to process several orbit and clock corrections streams in real-time to produce, encode, upload and save a combination of correctors coming from various providers. Hit the 'Add Row' button, double click on the 'Mountpoint' field to enter a Broadcast Ephemeris corrections mountpoint from the 'Streams' section below and hit Enter. Then double click on the 'AC Name' field to enter your choice of an abbreviation for the Analysis Center (AC) providing the stream. Finally, double click on the 'Weight' field to enter the weight to be applied for this stream in the combination.<ul><li>Note that an appropriate 'Wait for full corr epoch' value needs to be specified for the combination under the 'Broadcast Corrections' tab. A value of 15 seconds would make sense there if the update rate of incoming clock corrections is i.e. 10 seconds.</li><li>Note also that you need to tick 'Use GLONASS' which is part ot the 'PPP (2)' panel in case you want to produce an GPS plus GLONASS combination.</li></ul></p><p>Note further that the orbit information in the final combination stream is just copied from one of the incoming streams. The stream used for providing the orbits may vary over time: if the orbit providing stream has an outage then BNC switches to the next remaining stream for getting hold of the orbit information.</p><p>The combination process requires Broadcast Ephemeris. Besides the orbit and clock corrections stream(s) BNC should therefore pull a stream carrying Broadcast Ephemeris in the form of RTCM Version 3 messages.</p><p>It is possible to specify only one Broadcast Ephemeris corrections stream in the combination table. Instead of combining corrections BNC will then merge them with Broadcast Ephemeris to save results in SP3 and/or Clock RINEX format."));
    16231591  settings.setValue("perfIntr",    _perfIntrComboBox->currentText());
    16241592  settings.setValue("scanRTCM",    _scanRTCMCheckBox->checkState());
    1625   settings.setValue("pppPlotCoordinates", _pppPlotCoordinates->checkState());
    1626   settings.setValue("useOsmMap",          _osmRadioButton->isChecked());
    1627   settings.setValue("mapWinDotSize",      _mapWinDotSizeLineEdit->text());
    1628   settings.setValue("mapWinDotColor",     _mapWinDotColorComboBox->currentText());
    1629   settings.setValue("mapSpeed",           _mapSpeedSlider->value());
    16301593// Reqc
    16311594  settings.setValue("reqcAction",     _reqcActionComboBox->currentText());
    24672430#ifdef QT_WEBKIT
    24682431  saveOptions();
    2469   enableWidget(false, _mapWinButton);
    2470   enableWidget(false, _gmRadioButton);
    2471   enableWidget(false, _osmRadioButton);
    2472   enableWidget(false, _mapWinDotSizeLineEdit);
    2473   enableWidget(false, _mapWinDotColorComboBox);
     2432  enableWidget(false, _pppWidgets._mapWinButton);
     2433  enableWidget(false, _pppWidgets._gmRadioButton);
     2434  enableWidget(false, _pppWidgets._osmRadioButton);
     2435  enableWidget(false, _pppWidgets._mapWinDotSizeLineEdit);
     2436  enableWidget(false, _pppWidgets._mapWinDotColorComboBox);
    24752438  if (!_mapWin) {
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