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  • trunk/BNC/src/bncwindow.cpp

    r5267 r5274  
    10451045  QHBoxLayout* ppp3LayoutHlp2 = new QHBoxLayout;
    10461046  _mapWinButton = new QPushButton;
    1047   _mapWinButton->setText("Google / Open Street Map");
     1047  _mapWinButton->setText("Open Trace Map");
    10481048  connect(_mapWinButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), SLOT(slotMapPPP()));
    10491049  ppp3LayoutHlp2->addWidget(_mapWinButton);
    14451445  _pppGalileoCheckBox->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>By default BNC does not use Galileo observations in PPP mode.</p><p>Tick 'Use Galileo' for adding Galileo observations to GPS and GLONASS (optional) in a PPP solution.</p>"));
    14461446  _pppPlotCoordinates->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>BNC will plot PPP results in the 'PPP Plot' tab as North (red), East (green) and Up (blue) displacements when this option is selected. Values will be either referred to an XYZ reference coordinate (if specified) or referred to the first estimated coordinate. The sliding PPP time series window will cover the period of the latest 5 minutes.</p><p>Note that a PPP time series makes only sense for a stationary operated receiver."));
     1447  _mapWinButton->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>You make like to trace your rover position using Google Maps or Open Street Map as a background map. Trace plots can be produced with BNC in 'Realtime-PPP', 'Realtime-SPP' and 'Post-Processing' mode.</p><p>The 'Open Trace Map' button to opens a windows showing a map according to specified options.</p><p>When in 'Post-Processing' mode you should not forget to specify a proxy under the 'Network' tab if that is operated in front of BNC."));
    14471448  _pppNMEALineEdit->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify the full path to a file where PPP results are saved as NMEA messages.</p>"));
    14481449  _pppNMEAPortLineEdit->setWhatsThis(tr("<p>Specify an IP port number to output PPP results as NMEA messages through an IP port.</p>"));
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