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    2722723.6. <a href=#reqc>RINEX Editing & QC</a><br>
    273273&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.1 <a href=#reqcact>Action</a><br>
    274 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.2 <a href=#reqcedit>Set Edit Options</a><br>
    275 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.3 <a href=#reqcinput>Input Files</a><br>
    276 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.4 <a href=#reqcoutput>Output Files</a><br>
    277 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.5 <a href=#reqcplots>Directory for Plots</a><br>
    278 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.6 <a href=#reqccommand>Command Line, No Window</a><br>
     274&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.2 <a href=#reqcgnss>Sky Plots for</a><br>
     275&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.3 <a href=#reqcedit>Set Edit Options</a><br>
     276&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.4 <a href=#reqcinput>Input Files</a><br>
     277&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.5 <a href=#reqcoutput>Output Files</a><br>
     278&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.6 <a href=#reqcplots>Directory for Plots</a><br>
     279&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.6.7 <a href=#reqccommand>Command Line, No Window</a><br>
    2792803.7. <a href=#correct>Broadcast Corrections</a><br>
    280281&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3.7.1. <a href=#corrdir>Directory, ASCII</a><br>
    736 <p><a name="reqcedit"><h4>3.6.2 Set Edit Options - mandatory if 'Edit/Concatenate' is set</h4></p>
     737<p><a name="reqcgnss"><h4>3.6.2 Sky Plots for - mandatory if 'Action' is set to 'Analyze'</h4></p>
     739<p>Once the 'Analyze' action is selected, you have to specify the GNSS system(s) whoes observations you want to analyze for multipath and Signal-to-Noise sky plots. Possible options are 'ALL', 'GPS', 'GLONASS', and 'Galileo'. Default is 'ALL', meaning that observations from all GNSS will be analyzed.
     742<p><a name="reqcedit"><h4>3.6.3 Set Edit Options - mandatory if 'Edit/Concatenate' is set</h4></p>
    737743<p>Once the 'Edit/Concatenate' action is selected, you have to 'Set Edit Options'. BNC lets you specify the RINEX version, sampling interval, begin and end of file, operator, comment lines, and marker, antenna, receiver details. Note that sampling, begin/end and marker/antenna/receiver specification are only meaningful for RINEX Observation files.
    755761<p><u>Figure 8:</u> Example for 'RINEX Editing Options' window.</p>
    757 <p><a name="reqcinput"><h4>3.6.3 Input Files - mandatory if 'Action' is set</h4></p>
     763<p><a name="reqcinput"><h4>3.6.4 Input Files - mandatory if 'Action' is set</h4></p>
    759765Specify full path to input RINEX Observation file(s), and<br>
    762768<p>When specifying several input files BNC will concatenate their contents. Note that you may specify several RINEX Version 2 Navigation files for GPS and GLONASS.</p>
    764 <p><a name="reqcoutput"><h4>3.6.4 Output Files - mandatory if 'Action' is set</h4></p>
     770<p><a name="reqcoutput"><h4>3.6.5 Output Files - mandatory if 'Action' is set</h4></p>
    766772If 'Edit/Concatenate' is selected, specifying the a path to output RINEX Observation file(s) and specifying a full path to output RINEX Navigation file(s) is mandatory.</p>
    794 <p><a name="reqcplots"><h4>3.6.5 Directory for Plots - optional if 'Action' is set</h4></p>
     800<p><a name="reqcplots"><h4>3.6.6 Directory for Plots - optional if 'Action' is set</h4></p>
    796802If 'Analyze' is selected, specifying the path to a directory where plot files will be saved is optional. File names will be composed from the RINEX input file name(s) plus suffix 'PNG' to indicate the plot file format in use. </p>
    802808<p><u>Figure 11:</u> Example for satellite availability, elevation and PDOP plots as a result of a RINEX quality check with BNC.</p>
    804 <p><a name="reqccommand"><h4>3.6.6 Command Line, No Window - optional</h4></p>
     810<p><a name="reqccommand"><h4>3.6.7 Command Line, No Window - optional</h4></p>
    806812BNC applies options from the configuration file but allows updating every one of them on the command line while the contents of the configuration file remains unchanged, see section on 'Command Line Options'. The syntax for that looks as follows
    852858<tr><td>reqcPlotDir</td><td>Plot file directory</td></tr>
     859<tr><td>reqcSkyPlotSystem</td><td>GNSS system spedificaion</td></tr>
    853860<tr><td>reqcRnxVersion</td><td>RINEX version of emerging new file</td></tr>
    854861<tr><td>reqcSampling</td><td>Sampling interval of emerging new RINEX file</td></tr>
    32253232<tr><td>reqcAction=</td><td>Reqc: Action</td></tr>
     3233<tr><td>reqcComment=</td><td>Reqc: Additional comments</td></tr>
     3234<tr><td>reqcEndDateTime=</td><td>Reqc: Stop time</td></tr>
     3235<tr><td>reqcNavFile=</td><td>Reqc: Navigation file</td></tr>
     3236<tr><td>reqcNewAntennaName=</td><td>Reqc: New antenna</td></tr>
     3237<tr><td>reqcNewMarkerName=</td><td>Reqc: New marker</td></tr>
     3238<tr><td>reqcNewReceiverName=</td><td>Reqc: New receiver</td></tr>
    32263239<tr><td>reqcObsFile=</td><td>Reqc: Observations file</td></tr>
    3227 <tr><td>reqcNavFile=</td><td>Reqc: Navigation file</td></tr>
     3240<tr><td>reqcOldAntennaName=</td><td>Reqc: Old antenna</td></tr>
     3241<tr><td>reqcOldMarkerName=</td><td>Reqc: Old marker</td></tr>
     3242<tr><td>reqcOldReceiverName=</td><td>Reqc: Old receiver</td></tr>
     3243<tr><td>reqcOutLogFile=</td><td>Reqc: Output logfile</td></tr>
     3244<tr><td>reqcOutNavFile=</td><td>Reqc: Output navigation file</td></tr>
    32283245<tr><td>reqcOutObsFile=</td><td>Reqc: Output observations file</td></tr>
    3229 <tr><td>reqcOutNavFile=</td><td>Reqc: Output navigation file</td></tr>
    32303246<tr><td>reqcPlotDir</td><td>Reqc: QC plots directory</td></tr>
    3231 <tr><td>reqcOutLogFile=</td><td>Reqc: Output logfile</td></tr>
    3232 <tr><td>reqcPlotDir=</td><td>Reqc: Plot file directory</td></tr>
    32333247<tr><td>reqcRnxVersion=</td><td>Reqc: RINEX version</td></tr>
     3248<tr><td>reqcRunBy=</td><td>Reqc: Operators name</td></tr>
    32343249<tr><td>reqcSampling=</td><td>Reqc: RINEX sampling</td></tr>
     3250<tr><td>reqcSkyPlotSystem=</td><td>Reqc: GNSS system spedificaion</td></tr>
    32353251<tr><td>reqcStartDateTime=</td><td>Reqc: Start time</td></tr>
    3236 <tr><td>reqcEndDateTime=</td><td>Reqc: Stop time</td></tr>
    3237 <tr><td>reqcRunBy=</td><td>Reqc: Operators name</td></tr>
    3238 <tr><td>reqcComment=</td><td>Reqc: Additional comments</td></tr>
    3239 <tr><td>reqcOldMarkerName=</td><td>Reqc: Old marker</td></tr>
    3240 <tr><td>reqcNewMarkerName=</td><td>Reqc: New marker</td></tr>
    3241 <tr><td>reqcOldAntennaName=</td><td>Reqc: Old antenna</td></tr>
    3242 <tr><td>reqcNewAntennaName=</td><td>Reqc: New antenna</td></tr>
    3243 <tr><td>reqcOldReceiverName=</td><td>Reqc: Old receiver</td></tr>
    3244 <tr><td>reqcNewReceiverName=</td><td>Reqc: New receiver</td></tr>
    32463253<tr><td>combineStreams=</td><td>Combination: List of correction streams</td></tr>
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