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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#99 Missbehaviour of "Add streams from caster" dialog BNC defect stuerze new May 19, 2017
#100 RTCM messages delay Professional Caster defect stoecker new May 29, 2017
#106 BNC Client v 2.12.6 latency metrics stop recording in the log at beginning of UTC week BNC BNC 2.1 defect stuerze new May 21, 2018
#109 Sometimes the systemctl command gets stuck when stopping ntripcaster service Professional Caster ntripcaster 2.0.13 defect stoecker new Nov 20, 2018
#110 Missing GLONASS slot numbers in RINEX BNC BNC 2.2 defect stuerze new Nov 30, 2018
#89 Add an option to decide, which mountpoints shall be used for navigation information BNC enhancement stuerze new Aug 16, 2016
#93 File Output of code and phase biases in standardized SINEX Format BNC enhancement stuerze new Sep 20, 2016
#105 Transition from Qt 4.x to Qt5 BNC task wiese accepted Dec 11, 2017
#108 Add monitoring functionalities for BNC BNC task stuerze new Aug 10, 2018
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