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2 BNC VERSION 2.13.0 (xx.xx.xxxx) current
4 Changed (19.03.2020): Upgrade to newmat11
5 Added (23.09.2019): IRNSS support is added wih respect to RTCM formats
6 Added (13.12.2018): QC multipath analysis for more than two signals
7 Added (26.10.2017): IRNSS support is added in RINEX QC
8 Added (12.08.2016): resp. config keywords in context help
9 Added (08.08.2016): some informations about the data source is added as
10 comment within the header of RINEX navigation files
11 Added (21.07.2016): frequency specific signal priorities are added for
12 RINEX v3 to RINEX v2 conversion
13 Added (29.06.2016): consideration of provioder ID changes in SSR streams
14 during PPP analysis
15 Added (18.05.2016): expected observations in RINEX QC
16 Changed (04.01.2018): Transition from Qt 4.x to Qt5, see #105
17 Changed (04.01.2018): Use c++11, see #105
18 Changed (15.02.2017): SIRGAS2000 transformation parameters adjusted to IGb14
19 Changed (10.04.2017): Transformation parameters for ITRF2005 to GDA94 removed
20 Changed (10.04.2017): Transformation parameters for ITRF2008 to SIRGAS95 removed
21 Changed (10.04.2017): Transformation parameters for ITRF2014 to GDA2020 added
22 Changed (28.07.2016): small adaptations in qwtpolar sources to allow the
23 successful compilation of BNC on a Raspberry Pi, see
25 Changed (21.07.2016): Default signal priority list
26 Changed (08.06.2016): weighting factor for GLONASS phase observations
27 is now enlarged
28 Changed (27.05.2016): RINEX 2.11 ephemeris output for an unknown
29 transmission time is set to 0.000000000000e+00
30 Changed (23.05.2016): the real satellite visibility is considered now,
31 if the expected observations are computed in RINEX QC
32 Changed (12.05.2016): limits for spherical harmonics degree and order extended
33 Changed (28.04.2016): ephemeris upload is extended to allow an upload of more
34 than one stream and to choose a single satellite system
35 Fixed (12.08.2016): check regarding wrong observation epochs is done during
36 latency check as well to prevent erroneous latencies
37 Fixed (08.06.2016): map generation from sourcetable entry
38 Fixed (02.06.2016): the approach how to wait for clock corrections
39 in PPP mode, which was well proven in BNC verson 2.11
40 is re-implemented
41 Fixed (30.05.2016): some NMEA components in PPP output are fixed:
42 time stamp is now UTC, hDop value instead pDop value
43 Fixed (12.05.2016): wrong RINEX v2 header line excluded
44 Fixed (21.04.2016): RINEX v2 file naming for observation files
45 Fixed (10.04.2017): minor bugs to prevent some irregular crashes of BNC
48 BNC VERSION 2.12.0 (19.04.2016)
50 Added: Observation code selection in RINEX file editing
51 Added: Machine-readable output of RINEX QC
52 Added: PPP client functionality for parallel processing of an arbitrary number of stations in separate threads
53 Added: NMEA output for any station processed in PPP mode
54 Added: PPP processing of any number of linear combinations of GNSS measurements selected by user
55 Added: Encoding/Decoding RTCM SSR I messages for Galileo, BDS, SBAS and QZSS
56 Added: Encoding/Decoding RTCM SSR phase bias messages
57 Added: Encoding/Decoding RTCM SSR ionospheric model messages, single-layer model for total electron content
58 Added: RTCM SSR I messages for Galileo, BDS, SBAS and QZSS support from RTNET interface
59 Added: RTCM SSR II messages (phase biases and SSR ionospheric model) support from RTNET interface
60 Added: Computataion of VTEC and STEC from SSR ionospheric model messages for usage in PPP mode
61 Added: Handle old-fashioned SNR values in RINEX
62 Added: Comparison of SP3 files
63 Added: Encoding/Decoding of RTCM v3 proposal for Galileo Broadcast Ephemeris message 1046
64 Added: Encoding/Decoding of RTCM v3 QZSS Broadcast Ephemeris message 1044
65 Added: Encoding/Decoding of RTCM v3 SBAS Broadcast Ephemeris message 1043
66 Added: Encoding/Decoding of RTCM v3 BDS Broadcast Ephemeris message 63
67 Added: RINEX v3 support of Galileo, BDS, SBAS and QZSS Broadcast Ephemerides
68 Added: Consideration of the aspect that Galileo NAV message can be provided for the same epoch but with different flags (I/NAV, F/NAV, DVS)
69 Added: Forwarding NMEA GNGGA to Ntrip Broadcaster
70 Added: Compute IODs for BDS and SBAS from CRC over broadcast ephemeris and clock parameters
71 Added: Example configuration for SP3 file comparison
72 Added: Choose between code and phase observations when in PPP SSR I mode
73 Added: Broadcast ephemeris check regarding allowed age of data sets
74 Added: Code bias usage for PPP SSR I mode
75 Added: Code bias, phase bias and VTEC usage in extended PPP mode
76 Added: Allow GPS-only and GLONASS-only RINEX v2 Navigation files
77 Added: Support Galileo I/NAV broadcast ephemeris
78 Added: Extended RINEX v3 filenames
79 Added: Stream's country added to configuration string 'mountPoints'
80 Added: destinction of GEO/MEO satellites during BDS velocity derermination
81 Added: Set TOE from BDS week and second
82 Added: Use BDS observations and ephemerides in PPP SSR I mode
83 Added: Considering that yaw angle restricted to -180 to +180 deg
84 Added: Update interval for VTEC in RTNET stream format
85 Added: Phase shift records in RINEX v3 headers
86 Added: Output GLONASS slot numbers from scanning stream content
87 Added: Decoder interface for PPP SSR I+II messages for Galileo/QZSS/SBAS/BDS
88 Added: RINEX QC, receiver/antenna information editable
89 Added: Support of new RINEX header lines regarding phase shifts, GLONAQSS slots and GLONASS biases during file merging
90 Added: Switch to port 443 for skeleton file download from https website
91 Added: SINEX Troposphere file output
92 Added: Comments with respect to RINEX v3 to RINEX v2 observation file conversion
93 Added: String for Operating System in logfile output
94 Added: Full integration of 'rtcm3torinex'
95 Added: Extended command line help
96 Changed: RINEX file concatenation
97 Changed: Routine handling of data input and output in RINEX format re-written
98 Changed: QC routines re-written with the goal of handling all signal types
99 Changed: SNR and MP visualization depending on RINEX observation attribute
100 Changed: PPP default options
101 Changed: Consideration of the full antenna PCO vector in all PPP modes
102 Changed: SSR clock correction converted to seconds to be consistent with broadcast values
103 Changed: Read local RINEX skeleton files
104 Changed: Renaming BDS first frequency from '1' to '2'
105 Changed: Default observation types for RINEX v3 files
106 Fixed: Receiver antenna PCO in ionosphere-free PPP mode
107 Fixed: Saastamoinen tropospheric correction for very high elevation receivers
108 Fixed: VRS support in sending NMEA in Auto/Manual mode to Ntrip Broadcaster
109 Fixed: Stream failure/recovery reports
110 Fixed: Reset time series plot when restarting PPP in post processing mode
111 Fixed: Velocity determination for geostationary BDS satellites
112 Fixed: SBAS IODN
113 Fixed: Galileo week number
114 Fixed: RTCM v2 decoder
117 BNC VERSION 2.11 (Sept-2014)
119 Added: Raw stream output through TCP/IP port
120 Changed: SIRGAS transformation parameters adjusted
121 Changed: ANTEX file updated
122 Changed: RTCM SSR messages updated
123 Changed: Maximum number of GNSS observations increased
124 Changed: Loss of lock handling changed
125 Fixed: GLONASS code biases
128 BNC VERSION 2.10 (Dec-2013)
130 Added: Transformation ITRF2008 to NAD83 and DREF91
131 Added: CodeBias added to RTNET stream format
132 Added: Feed engine output sorted per stream
133 Added: Feed engine output filename change on-the-fly
134 Added: 'Append files' option for RINEX observation files
135 Added: RTCM v3 Galileo Broadcast Ephemeris message 1046
136 Added: Reset ambiguities in PPP when orbit/clock correction IDs change
137 Added: Satellite clock offsets are reset in adjustment for combination when orbit/clock correction IDs change
138 Changed: Made C1 in BeiDou default observation type instead of C2
139 Changed: Broadcast Correction ASCII file output for message 1058 & 1064 modified
140 Fixed: Clock RINEX und SP3 file generation on Windows systems
141 Fixed: Broadcast Ephemeris generation
142 Fixed: GPS L2 in 'Feed Engine' output
143 Fixed: GPS L2 phase data in RINEX2
144 Fixed: GLONASS frequency numbers
147 BNC VERSION 2.9 (Jul-2013)
149 Added: Include Galileo in SPP
150 Added: RINEX QC multipath an SNR sky plots for GLONASS and Galileo
151 Added: Bias estimation for GLONASS clocks in PPP
152 Added: Trace positions on GM or OSM maps
153 Changed: Format for feeding a connected GNSS engine
154 Changed: RTNET format for receiving data from a connected GNSS engine
155 Fixed: SSR stream upload buffering disabled
158 BNC VERSION 2.8 (Mar-2013)
160 Added: Concatenate RINEX v3 navigation files containing Galileo ephemeris
161 Added: Correcting clocks for scale factor involved in transformation
162 Changed: Started work on new version in Sep 2012
163 Changed: Plausibility check of GLONASS ephemeris
164 Changed: Orbit/clock interpolation in SSR stream encoding and upload to caster
165 Fixed: Epoch special event flag in RINEX concatenation
166 Fixed: Limit RINEX v2 records length to 80 characters
167 Fixed: SSR message update interval indicator
168 Fixed: Fixed SSR stream encoding and upload
171 BNC VERSION 2.7 (Sept-2012)
173 Added: Clock RINEX file header extended
174 Added: Decoding/converting BeiDou and QZSS added
175 Added: Work on RINEX v2 and v3 quality check started
176 Added: QWT and QWTPOLAR graphics libraries added
177 Added: RINEX QC through multipath analysis sky plot
178 Added: RINEX QC through signal-to-noise ratio sky plot
179 Added: RINEX QC through satellite availability plot
180 Added: RINEX QC through satellite elevation plot
181 Added: RINEX QC through PDOP plot
182 Added: Log observation types contained in RTCM Version 3 MSM streams
183 Added: Reading RINEX v3 observation type header records from RINEX skeleton files
184 Added: Logfile for RINEX file editing and concatenation
185 Added: Save PNG plot files on disk
186 Added: Plot stream distribution map from selected sources
187 Changed: Source code completely re-arranged
188 Changed: Plot stream distribution map from Ntrip Broadcaster source-table
189 Fixed: Bug in L5 decoding fixed
190 Fixed: Bug in on-the-fly configuration fixed
191 Fixed: Short periodic outages in PPP time series when 'Sync Corr' set to zero
194 BNC VERSION 2.6 (Apr-2011)
196 Added: Complete integration of BNS in BNC
197 Added: SP3 and Clock RINEX output
198 Added: PPP in post processing Mode
199 Added: Some RINEX editing & QC functionality
200 Added: Threshold for orbit outliers in combination solution
201 Added: Real-time engine becomes orbit/clock server instead of client
202 Added: Correction for antenna eccentricities
203 Added: Quick start mode for PPP
204 Added: SSL/TLS Support of Ntrip Version 2
205 Added: RINEX editing, concatenation and quality check
206 Added: Reading all configuration options from command line
207 Added: Specific rates for orbits and clocks in streams and SP3/RNX files
208 Changed: 'EOE' added to orbit/clock stream from engine
209 Changed: Design of format for feeding engine changed to follow RINEX v3
210 Changed: Implementation of SSR message encoding modified according to standard
211 Changed: Switch to Qt version 4.7.3
212 Changed: RTCM v3 Galileo Broadcast Ephemeris message 1045
213 Changed: Change default configuration file suffix from 'ini' to 'bnc'
216 BNC VERSION 2.5 (Feb-2011)
218 Added: PPP option for sync of clock observations and corrections
219 Added: Drafted RTCM v3 Galileo ephemeris messages 1045
220 Added: Drafted RTCM v3 Multiple Signal Messages
221 Added: Optional specification of sigmas for coordinates and troposphere in PPP
222 Added: Include Galileo in SPP
223 Added: Include Galileo observations in output via IP port
224 Added: Include Galileo observations in output via RINEX v3 files
225 Added: Correct observations for Antenna Phase Center offsets
226 Added: Combine orbit/clock correction streams
227 Added: Specify corrections mountpoint in PPP panel
228 Changed: Interface format for feeding a real-time engine with observations
231 BNC VERSION 2.4 (Dec-2010)
233 Added: Output of averaged positions when in PPP mode
234 Added: QuickStart PPP option
235 Added: Sigmas for observations and parameters
236 Added: Stream distribution map
237 Changed: Use always the latest received set of Broadcast Ephemeris
238 Changed: Improvement of data sharing efficiency among different threads
239 Changed: Design of PPP panel section
240 Fixed: GPS Ephemeris in RINEX v3 format
243 BNC VERSION 2.3 (Aug-2010)
245 Changed: Internal format for saving raw streams
246 Changed: Format of PPP logs in logfile
247 Fixed: Outlier detection in GLONASS ambiguity resolution
248 Fixed: Complete acceleration terms for GLONASS ephemeris
249 Fixed: Handling ephemeris IOD's in PPP mode
252 BNC VERSION 2.2 (Jul-2010)
254 Fixed: GLONASS ephemeris time
257 BNC VERSION 2.1 (Jun-2010)
259 Added: PPP in post processing mode
260 Changed: Update of SSR messages following draft dated 2010-04-12
261 Changed: Generating error message when observation epoch is wrong
262 Fixed: SSR GLONASS message generation
265 BNC VERSION 2.0 (Feb-2010)
267 Added: Real-time PPP option
268 Changed: Change sign of Broadcast Corrections
271 BNC VERSION 1.8 (Nov-2009)
273 Changed: On-the-fly reconfiguration of latency and throughput plots
276 BNC VERSION 1.7 (Nov-2009)
278 Added: Upgrade to Qt Version 4.5.2
279 Added: Support of Ntrip v2
280 Added: Rover support via serial port
281 Added: Show broadcaster table from
282 Added: Enable/disable panel widgets
283 Added: User defined configuration filename
284 Added: Daily logfile rotation
285 Added: Read from TCP/IP port, by-pass Ntrip transport protocol
286 Added: Save NMEA sentences coming from rover
287 Added: Auto start
288 Added: Drag and drop ini files
289 Added: Read from serial port, by-pass Ntrip transport protocol
290 Added: Read from UPD port, by-pass Ntrip transport protocol
291 Added: Throughput plot
292 Added: Latency plot
293 Changed: Switch to configuration files in ini-Format
294 Changed: Update of SSR messages following RTCM 091-2009-SC104-542
295 Changed: Output format of Broadcast Corrections
296 Fixed: RINEX Navigation file format
299 BNC VERSION 1.6.1 (Dec-2008)
301 Changed: HTTP GET when no proxy in front
304 BNC VERSION 1.6 (Dec-2008)
306 Added: RTCM v3 decoder for orbit and clock corrections
307 Added: Check RTCM v3 streams for incoming message types
308 Added: Decode RTCM v2 message types 3, 20, 21, and 22
309 Added: Loss of lock and lock time indicator
310 Added: Leap second 1 January 2009
311 Added: Offline mode, read data from file
312 Added: Output antenna descriptor, coordinates and eccentricities from RTCM v3
313 Added: Reconfiguration on-the-fly
314 Added: Binary output of unsynchronized observations
315 Changed: Fill blank columns in RINEX v3 with 0.000
316 Changed: Accept GLONASS in RTCM v3 when transmitted first
317 Changed: Binary output of synchronized observations
318 Fixed: Rounding error in RTCM v3 decoder concerning GLONASS height
319 Fixed: Fixed problem with joined RTCM v3 blocks
322 BNC VERSION 1.5 (Apr-2008)
324 Added: Handle ephemeris from RTCM Version 3 streams
325 Added: Upgrade to Qt Version 4.3.2
326 Added: Optional RINEX v3 output
327 Added: SBAS support
328 Added: Handle ephemeris from RTIGS streams
329 Added: Monitor stream failure/recovery and latency
330 Changed: Redesign of main window
331 Changed: Major revision of input buffer in RTCM v2 decoder
332 Fixed: RINEX skeleton download following stream outage
333 Fixed: Freezing of About window on Mac OS X
334 Fixed: Fixed problem with PRN 32 in RTCM v2 decoder
335 Fixed: Fix for Trimble 4000SSI receivers in RTCM v2 decoder
338 BNC VERSION 1.4 (Jul-2007)
340 Fixed: Skip messages from proxy server
341 Fixed: Call RINEX script through 'nohup'
344 BNC VERSION 1.3 (May-2007)
346 Added: Source code published
349 BNC VERSION 1.2b (Apr-2007)
351 Added: ZERO decoder added
352 Added: HTTP Host directive for skeleton file download
353 Added: Percent encoding for user IDs and passwords
354 Changed: Download public RINEX skeletons once per day
355 Changed: Upgrade to Qt Version 4.2.3
356 Changed: Replace 'system' call for RINEX script by 'QProcess'
357 Fixed: Output only through IP port
358 Fixed: Method 'reconnecting' now thread-save
359 Fixed: Exit execution of calling thread for RTCM3 streams
360 Fixed: Signal-slot mechanism for threads
363 BNC VERSION 1.1b (Jan-2007)
365 Added: Observables C2, S1, and S2
366 Added: Virtual reference station access
367 Added: Online help through Shift+F1
368 Changed: Small letters for public RINEX skeleton files
369 Fixed: RTCM2 decoder time tag fixed
372 BNC VERSION 1.0b (Dec-2006)
374 initial version published based on Qt 4.2.3
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